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Oscar Gowns N°5


These are my two favorite gowns from the Oscar de la Renta show–one of my favorite shows from the recent runways. These two dresses are major fashion risks, that only true fashionistas could pull off. My fashionista of choice: Kerry Washington.



This feather dress encompasses fashion, elegance, risk, trends and sex appeal. The red shoe truly is the perfect pop of color that compliments the pink undertone of the dress. Kerry Washington’s unbelievably beautiful skin tone would be a great compliment to the color of this dress.


This dress single-handedly brings back the old worldly concept of elegance. The embroidery itself and the designs are unexpected and a true art form. This dress is a risk–a risk I would be willing to take.

In addition, this year’s Oscar de la Renta signature of only one earring is an example of how important the styling of a look is. Without the hair gel and somewhat grungy make up, these dresses could have had an extremely different appeal, (especially the purple one).

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