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Oscar Gowns N°3 – The Presenters

The Presenters have been announced: Jennifer Lawrence and Jessica Chastain

Here are my choices:

1. Jennifer Lawrence, the Silver Linings Playbook star (Best Actress Nomination) is in fact the face of Dior. This is my top pick from the Dior couture show:


However, this dress has already been worn by Marion Cotillard at the 2013 BAFTA’s. Because Jennifer Lawrence is presenting she might get a custom dress made, hence I would like to see her in a dress that is similar to this one–its time for a bright color! I find this dress to be fashion forward, elegant and sexy all at the same time. The placement of the volume and of the cutout make it absolutely one of a kind. In addition, the bright yellow and the longuette length make it on trend but still unexpected. Lawrence already wore a Dior bustier to the 2013 SAG awards and looked amazing.

2. Jessica Chastain, the Zero Dark Thirty star – Best Actress Nomination.


Red heads can wear RED! This Ellie Saab red gown is beautifully elegant. Because the red belt is of the same material and shade of the dress, it is almost undetectable–this gives the illusion of an even more cinched waist without highlighting the presence of a belt. The perfectly placed jeweled red lace mixed with cutouts is refined and allows for a statuesque figure. The cape that is also part of the gown, is a twist on the major trend we have been seeing on runways. (For more on Capes see An Eclectic Perspective’s post: Cape Obsession.)

Do you agree with me?

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